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Will Canadian Winters Damage My Artificial Grass?
January 14, 2021
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December 12, 2022
Will Canadian Winters Damage My Artificial Grass?
January 14, 2021
Stunning Exterior Design Ideas for Your Home
December 12, 2022

Why Choose Design Turf

The leading supplier of synthetic turf and artificial grass is Design Turf.

After extensive research and testing, Design Turf produces premium artificial grass with unmatched quality and lifespan, bringing to life home lawns, pet areas, golf courses, commercial spaces, and sports fields.
Homeowners Canadian-wide has made the most of Covid restrictions with small family get-to-gatherings, celebrations and garden parties which have become more commonplace over the past few years, individuals have been more interested in home remodelling trends and methods to improve their outside spaces.
With very little upkeep needed, artificial grass is an excellent method to keep backyards looking alive and inviting all year long.
Artificial grass is a terrific, pet-friendly solution for busy family homes since it is durable and long-lasting.

We have one of the broadest selections of artificial grass and turf, and we also install the goods we sell.

Design Turf can thus help you transform your artificial grass project into a low-maintenance, sustainable, and eco-friendly setting.

This is due to our unique installation method for artificial grass, which goes above and above to ensure the most excellent installation possible and that your project will continue to perform and look fantastic for years to come.

With more time and money to spend with your increased spare time, artificial lawns are a great option.

When you have an artificial lawn, your weekends are no longer wasted on maintaining the lawn.

Why Choose Design Turf Maintenance free space for the kiddies

Why Choose Design Turf Forget about the mowing or natural grass difficulties of under swing sets or trampolines. A great pic from our Calgary dealer

Why Choose Design Turf? Solutions Galore

The closest friend of man can make it quite challenging to care for and maintain your backyard.

With artificial dog grass from Design Turf, you can have a lovely lawn and stop muddy paw prints from entering your house.

Synthetic dog grass makes dog parks, kennels, and commercial dog lawns cleaner in addition to the home.

Design Turf’s fake grass is excellent because kids adore it.

Why Choose Design Turf Need a reason to turn on sprinklers for dogs

Why Choose Design Turf What a great idea to keep the K9 cool in the middle of heat wave. The water completely drains any residue from dog waste.

Why choose Design Turf? Savings Savings

One of the strongest justifications for utilizing artificial grass, in the eyes of many, is the potential for water savings, both monetarily and in terms of time spent watering or maintaining irrigation systems.

If sitting outside watering the grass is not your idea of a pleasant Sunday, artificial turf is a great alternative.

The EPA estimates that a third of all household water use is for landscape irrigation.


The finest ball roll is offered by Design Turf, artificial putting green turf for backyards and commercial golf applications.

Consequently, you will have access to the best custom synthetic putting green to work on your short or long game.

It is comparable to genuine grass and creates a stunningly gorgeous lawn every day of the year, regardless of the weather, indoors, outdoors, on roofs, and at driving ranges and golf courses.

Modern synthetic turf is UV protected, which stops colour fading for decades.

Why Choose Design Turf Solutions for those tight spots

Why Choose Design Turf Artificial grass between flagstones adds colour and texture to the aesthetic

Because fake grass does not require water or sunshine, it may be utilized in places where it would be difficult to cultivate a lawn, such as inside or behind an opaque covering or canopy.

Why Choose Design Turf Natural Grass cannot grow

Why Choose Design Turf Another brilliant use of artificial grass where natural grass just won’t grow

Artificial grass requires less upkeep and can last 30-40 years without a break than genuine grass, which requires continual care and attention.

It is also inhospitable to insects, gophers, and moles, infamous for ruining natural lawns.


Why choose Design Turf


Lurking Dangers in backyards  

Even after you have ensured that the gate is locked and the fences are in good condition, your yard’s safety for your dogs is not guaranteed.

This is due to the threats that may be present inside your boundaries.

Here are some of the unnoticed dog risks that may be permanently eliminated using Design Turf synthetic grass vs natural lawns:



Natural grass requires pest management methods to keep healthy, but these methods can leave hazardous residue, and lingering smells for days after when applied.

When canines roll about on the turf, they might take up these fragments.

Numerous symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, eye irritation, and respiratory problems, can be brought on by exposure.

Dog-friendly artificial grass doesn’t require chemical pest control.

Since it doesn’t give the same food or shelter that its natural equivalent does, it doesn’t attract pests.

Largest dog park downtown Toronto at the Stack tMarket

Largest dog park downtown Toronto at the Stackt Market

Ticks and fleas

These terrible creatures skulk in the dense grass and pounce on dogs who come into contact with them.

Ticks and fleas can result in anemia, tapeworm infections, hot patches, scabs, and itching.

The former can also spread Spotted fever, Anaplasmosis, tick paralysis, and Lyme disease.

Ticks and fleas cannot hide because artificial grass stays short.

Additionally, it effectively absorbs water, removing the dampness that fleas prefer in their hiding places.

fleas and critters

solutions solutions for pest critters and fleas Design TURF ARTIFICIAL GRASS

Stagnant Water

Numerous health risks, including leptospirosis, can be found in stagnant water.

Puddles make the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which may bring diseases like heartworm that can be fatal to dogs and other disorders.

With our trademarked ProFlow drainage system, Design Turf synthetic grass completely removes these dangers.


Turn Your Yard Into a Pet Paradise

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for your yard since dogs adore it.

It’s not only paw-friendly and realistic but also tremendously strong and straightforward to keep up.

Why Choose design Turf because you can enjoy your lawn more with your dog and spend less time maintaining it thanks to artificial grass installation GTA.

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