Stunning Exterior Design Ideas for Your Home

why choose design turf artificial grass
November 1, 2022
why choose design turf artificial grass
November 1, 2022

Stunning Exterior Design Ideas for Your Home

A perfectly manicured landscape for low maintenance

As homeowners we often focus on the interior of the home since that is where we spend most of our time; however, with a few projects, you can enjoy the exterior of your home just as much. Exterior renovation projects are all about creating a beautiful and relaxing space.

New Exterior Paint

A new coat of paint can make all of the difference. When it comes to the exterior, neutral colors whether they are dark or light look fantastic.

However, you’ll also want to add some contrast which can be in the form of the trim painted a lighter color or even the front door being an accent color to offset the home.

Make your home look new all year round with a new coat of paint. Even in the middle of winter, your home can stay picture-perfect.

Create Some Shade

Beautifully installed Natural

Nothing says “home” quite like a carefully cultivated yard. However, traditional grass lawns can be quite resource-intensive to maintain. From watering to mowing, aerating to fertilizing, keeping the yard pristine can feel like a never-ending task.

To help in this regard, it is worthwhile to consider moving from an old-school grass yard to a modern turf lawn. Many of the best turf products offered at are nearly indistinguishable from natural grass and require a fraction of the resources to maintain. They retain their crisp, green appearance all year round and, outside occasional brushing, are completely self-sustaining.


To further leverage the benefits of a turf lawn, it is a great idea to create some shade to keep out of the sun. Pergolas are a great way to do that while adding some architectural style. With a variety of sizes and styles, you can get exactly what you envision.

Additionally, there are plenty of ways to style pergolas including lights, vines, or even fabrics that stretch across. Pergolas can create quite a dreamy space.

synthetic grass backyard & arbour

Adding or Upgrading A Shed



Do you have a storage shed or want one? A metal shed kit is a great way to upgrade your current shed or add some additional storage with a new one. Many people use them to keep their lawn maintenance tools, though now metal shed kits are being used for more than just storage.


A shed can be turned into a home office, a man cave, a guest suite, or even a craft room. This new wave of making over metal shed kits into extra space outside the home extends your square footage without adding on a large addition.

Let There Be Fire

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A firepit is a stunning exterior design idea that complements an outdoor space beautifully. Build it from the ground up, or opt for a ready-to-use gas or wood log pit. Either way, grab some chairs because it’s the best way to relax and unwind.


When incorporating a fire pit, whether it be built-in or portable, pairing it with natural stone is a must. Not only does the stone aspect give homeowners the confidence that an errant ember won’t spread out of control, but the earthy appearance is right at home next to a flame. If installing all-natural stone around your fire pit is too much of a chore, there are a number of innovative stone landscaping pavers that are much easier to work with and give the same natural stone aspect while offering superior drainage for your home’s exterior.

A New Pool

Beautiful Swimming pool with artificial grass softening the look

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As far as exterior designs go, one of the most popular is adding a new pool. There are a lot of different options when it comes to a pool including size, depth, shape, and more. You could even consider adding a waterfall or connected hot tub. Whatever your dream pool includes, make it a reality. Most pools also have a pool deck around them to have a place to enjoy the surroundings.

To leverage the pool deck to the fullest, it is a great idea to consider adding some artificial turf from to the area. This makes it super easy to transition from yard games, such as cornhole or putt-putt, into pool time.


Additionally, since there is a lot of extra splashing and water concerns, it is important that you consider installing a pool deck drain. Pool deck drains ensure that you don’t have to worry about any freestanding water.

Garden Sitting Area

Spa artificial grass-min

Garden sitting areas are the perfect thing to complement your yard. If you don’t have to worry about maintenance on your landscaping, you’ll have extra time to keep up with a vegetable or flower garden.


Both vegetable and flower gardens are an added bonus as they provide a stunning exterior ambience that can contribute to your homeownership experience with fresh flowers or a home-cooked meal with vegetables straight from the garden.


Once you have cultivated a beautiful garden, browse through the most stunning wood stain colors for outdoor furniture and use it as motivation to add a bench or seating area in order to enjoy the view and relax. Not only will staining a garden bench give it a classy finish, but it will also protect it against weather damage, allowing the bench to serve as a place to read a book, have your morning coffee, or simply plan your next exterior project during all seasons of the year.


A New Deck

deck walls plantings gardens and artificial grass

A deck is another exterior design idea for your home that you will love. Decks can be made of wood or synthetic materials, each of which has its own benefits. For instance, while wood might be cheaper, synthetic materials offer longer durability and protection against moisture.


Regardless of which deck material you choose, deck railing is a must. Deck railings not only complete the look but are a safety measure to prevent anyone from falling off the edge.

Barbara Taylor is a freelance writer that loves sharing her knowledge and studies on environmental sustainability and energy-efficient living. She lives in her hometown of Houston, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her husband and gardening with her grandchildren. Barbara’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.

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