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Synthetic grass has evolved into a product that truly resembles the real thing, read our answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning synthetic grass in
Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

1 What is the life expectancy of Design Turf Synthetic Grass™?
All our Design Turf Grass comes with a 15 years Manufacturer’s Warranty (select products limited to 8 years) + a Five-Year Workmanship Warranty and our artificial grass is expected to last upwards of 30-40 years.
2 Is the sun harmful to Design Turf Synthetic Grass™, will it fade?
Our products are expected to not fade even in the sunniest of climates. We don’t use topical UV treatments like our competitors, Design Turf fibers have built-in UV Inhibitors that are mixed into the resin. Without this built-in UV protection, often the competitors fibers will break down prematurely. All Design Turf™ turf is made from the highest- quality materials from our plants in the USA. We have projects that we installed in the late 1980s that have no discernible signs of fading.
3 How much does Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ cost?
Prices average between $6.00 and $9.00 per square foot, installation and taxes not included.
4 How does Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ affect the environment?
Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ is environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for precious water resources. Our artificial grass eliminates any need for harmful chemicals that leach into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed kill, etc.) Additionally, Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ is fully recyclable.
5 What happens to Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ if a dog tries to dig through it?

Although we can’t guarantee that a dog won’t claw through or peel back the edges of the turf, it’s extremely rare. Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ has been installed in hundreds of residential and commercial dog runs around the world. Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ is extremely durable and almost impossible to rip or tear due to our QuadriBIND™ backing.

There are exceptions. We recommend putting extra border stakes around the perimeter of the dog run to discourage dogs from digging. Another option is building sub-surface composite wood border around the perimeter of the area that you can affix to the grass.

6 How is Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ Installed?
Existing sod must first be removed. Next, a base is created using a special blend of crushed rock (2" – 4" depth), then smoothed and compacted. The artificial grass is then rolled onto the surface of the base and seamed together if necessary (turf widths are 15′.) Finally, the infill is added and the turf is swept up using a power broom. Installation for synthetic putting greens is similar but there are additional layers of base materials that need to be thoroughly compacted. Refer to our installation overview for more information.
7 How does the cost of Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ compare to installing a natural lawn?
When compared to installing a sprinkler system, top soil, the price of sod, combined with frequent watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing, the cost synthetic grass hits a break-even point in 5 to 6 years. Design Turf offers full landscape construction which could cut down the sq ft of grass by adding garden beds or rockery. See our Natural Grass vs. Synthetic Grass comparison chart.
8 Why should I choose Design Turf™ over another artificial grass company?
Not all synthetic grass is created equally! Design Turf™ has been making the highest-quality synthetic grass since 1987. We oversee the the entire manufacturing process from resin > extrusion > tufting > coating > shipping and installation. All Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ has undergone many years of extensive research and development, including extensive stability and wear-resistance testing throughout the manufacturing process. Most importantly, all Design Turf™ products are lead-free (not all artificial grass companies can say that). Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ is made in the USA, we stand behind our warranty an have done so since 1987.
9 I have heard that lead has been found in artificial grass, is there lead in Design Turf Grass™?
There is no detectable amount of lead or any other heavy metals in Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ products. Design Turf™ has the most stringent testing in the industry.
10 Is Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ similar to indoor/outdoor carpet?
Not at all. Our synthetic grass truly resembles natural grass. Not only does Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ look real, but it also feels real due to our Supersoft and Delustered fiber technologies. Additionally, many of our products come with different shades of green mixed together as well as a light brown thatch that helps to add to the realism.
11 Is synthetic grass warmer than my natural lawn?
Yes, all synthetic grass is hotter than natural grass. There’s always a trade-off for the benefits of synthetic grass such as no mowing, no watering, no weeding, no chemical applications, easier dog clean up, no mud, etc. The only real trade-off is that the surface of synthetic grass will be hotter than natural grass. But, we have never had a complaint that it was so hot that it burned a person or pet.

The darker green colored fiber absorbs more sun than our lighter shades of green. Scorching temperatures over 33 Celsius you might want to wear footwear but more often normal temps. 25-30 degrees Celsius going barefoot is completely doable. Also, you can spray the artificial grass with water right before you walk or play on your synthetic grass on a really sweltering day. But, even if these precautions are not exercised, hot weather has not kept people or pets off synthetic grass.

Design Turf artificial grass has thousands of installations worldwide, including the Arizona desert. Complaints about surface temperature are extremely rare, but we understand people have different sensitivity levels. We just want our customers to be aware that there is a slight sacrifice to overcome the increased surface temperature, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your lawn for years to come…even on hot days!

12 How Does Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ stay in place once it is installed?
We heavily stake the edges with 7" non-corrosive spikes spaced2′ to 3′ apart and we heavily stake in a grid like pattern every 1-2’ throughout the middle.
13 What about pets? What happens to dog urine and waste?
Dogs love our grass, better than real grass! In fact, if you only did ½ the lawn with artificial grass dogs would never go on the half of real grass. Unlike our competitors products, urine is not a problem as it flushes through 400% quicker of our fully permeable backing! When the synthetic grass is sprayed down with a hose, or when it rains, the water simply drains into the crushed rock base below. Solid waste is cleaned in the same manner as natural grass, only it’s less messy. Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ will not stain.
14 What type of maintenance should I expect with Design Turf Synthetic Grass™?
An occasional brooming to stand the grass fibers up is recommended but not necessary. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower.
15 What about drainage?
Drainage is very like natural grass. Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ drains 400% quicker allowing water to drain through the 2-3” bed of crushed rock base and into the soil below the artificial turf.
16 How do I choose which type of Design Turf Synthetic Grass™ is best for my needs?
Design Turf will arrange for a free consultation to show different product choices and pricing.
17 How can I pay for my Design Turf Synthetic Grass™?
We accept major credit cards.
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