Care & Maintenance

Keep it clean!


How To Care For Artificial Grass Lawns & Putting Greens


Basic Care & Maintenance For Your Artificial Grass

Keep it clean!
  • Does your turf have sand infill? You’ll get the best results with a stiff broom or a rake. You can use the back side of a rake – it works like a charm to gather up debris!
  • No infill? You can vacuum it with a shop vac to clean up spills. Kids are notorious for getting all kinds of crumbs (crackers, cheerios, chips) in the turf and they don’t break down they way they do on sod. Debris from trees or other plants can be handled in the same manner.
  • Other spills (ice cream, fruit punch, sangria), remember it’s always easier to clean up a fresh spill than one that’s left to dry and harden. You can easily hose off most spills. Soap and water or a vinegar/water solution is an easy way to take care of these mishaps.
Fluff it up!
  • When it looks a little less fluffy, you can rake it up with a leaf rake or push it up with a stiff bristled broom. This is a great way to spruce up the turf every spring after the snow has melted.
Staples popping up?
  • If you notice a random staple pop up you can hammer them back down with a hammer (rarely needed). If it’s a bunch, by all means call us and we can fix that, but an occasional pop up is easy for you to handle.
Garden Beds
  • Should you find that soil from your garden beds or potted plants spills onto the turf, weeds can pop up. Be sure to remove the weeds and clean up the soil to avoid further growth.
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