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Safest Daycare Playground Grass


Safest Daycare Playground Grass DT OPTIMUM DF & COOLPLAY/GREENPLAY

Design Turf offers two exceptional Artificial Daycare & Playground Grass. Our popular & most robust DT Optimum DF is durable and looks great in all playground applications; it offers extreme softness, making Optimum Play the safest surfacing material for kids. Our artificial daycare & playground Grass "DT Optimum" are lead-free and meet all ASTM fall height safety requirements. Also, it increases outdoor playtime by eliminating puddles and mud. Design Turf's newest entree, "COOLPLAY- Greenplay," is excellent for daycare's because the COOL FACTOR stays almost as COOL as real grass, provides a cushiony feel, and meets all ASTM requirements.

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Safest Daycare Playground Grass

Envirofill Infill & Design Turf Artificial Grass Provably

Acknowledging kids’ tumbles and falls can’t be avoided. We know that their risk-taking can lead to bumps and bruises on the playground, but this activity should not be dismissed as it is critically associated with positive growth for children.
However, the last thing parents need to worry about while cheering on their kiddos is whether their physical environment is safe. You want to trust you’ve done everything to create a safe environment for healthy risk-taking. The artificial grass surface and the infill they play on are crucial pieces of the puzzle when building a new playground. Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused into Envirofill. So, you can breathe easily and let the kids play freely, even when they tumble; no need to worry about those inevitable cuts and scrapes. You’ll know the artificial turf infill they’re playing on is fighting bacteria and microbes every day without you having to do anything.
Moreover, kids are acutely susceptible to toxins, particularly with developing organs that are less able to detoxify. Imagine not knowing what toxins off-gassing could be or suspended in the air where your children are playing. Understanding that we can’t protect our kids from everything, we can do our best to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for playgrounds. It’s imperative to be clear on the safety of everything going into a new playground. Comforting parents knowing their kids are safe while playing, especially toxin-free playscapes, is a huge selling feature that shouldn’t go unnoticed.
Third-party testing labs confirm Envirofill to be non-toxic and non-hazardous. Envirofill has been verified so safe it’s exempt from the US Prop 65 labelling — which is used to notify customers of potential exposure to chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.
Envirofill is the only green sand infill with this exempt labelling on the market. It’s also been proven free of heavy metal toxicity through testing: ASTM F3188 and EN 71-3.
With all the recent heavy metals and poor-quality synthetic turf found from many overseas manufacturers, you can trust that Design Turf synthetic grass is made to the highest standards.
Contact us if you have any questions on third-party lab testing or would like to learn more about the safety of Envirofill and Design Turf artificial grass products.

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Greenplay is America's natural Infill company, nationally proven for use in private and public schools as the safest and most environmentally compatible artificial playground grass turf filler. Natural and durable coconut fibres are harvested from pesticide-free crops and blended with pure cork granules to fill the turf and work safely and in harmony with the natural surroundings


Always buy North American made products. Artificial grass gets its Colour, UV Treatment and Cool Reflective properties through the addition of certain additives. The US has the strictest consumer-protection laws in the world. Overseas manufacturers have few regulations and little enforcement. ProGreen employs a 100% Proprietary premium metallocene polymer from Exxon Mobil and uses “No Fillers” in fibre resins. Often Overseas products employ inexpensive resins and unknown fillers to the fibres. ProGreen uses No Lead and No Heavy Chemicals. Our new Dual Fibres provide UNMATCHED DURABILITY lasting 2-3 times that of conventional artificial playground grass products.

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COOLPLAY Artificial Playground Grass The Coolest

Ultimate environmental compatibility with the lowest carbon footprint of any turf system. A truly green system utilizing the deepest Sprint Turf DFE Dual Fiber Turf .