New Innovative Products
January 12, 2021
Will Canadian Winters Damage My Artificial Grass?
January 14, 2021
New Innovative Products
January 12, 2021
Will Canadian Winters Damage My Artificial Grass?
January 14, 2021

6 Reasons to Consider using Artificial Grass

  1. It looks great, No more mud,
Kids, Pets and Parents Love It Reasons Using Artificial Grass

Everyone Loves Our Natural Real Synthetic Turf


Remarkable esthetic innovations bring to life new markets for Design Turf artificial grass & golf green products. The realism in appearance and softness underfoot has spawned new sales for chic hotels and bars, notably

outdoor patios and large condo rooftops. Becoming more popular are new condos offering green roofs suited for the  K9 crowd now that family pets are accepted in tenancy protocols.

NEW We are excited to announce that we are rolling out an enhanced product line for the 2021 calendar year.

NEW Our “Natural Real” product line has served Design Turf well for years; however, as the market has evolved, so must our products. Our goal is to retain the best attributes of the “Natural Real” product line while utilizing shaped yarns’ benefits.

NEW This has led to developing a truly unique and market-leading product. For most products, we will be blending the “S” shaped yarns with our traditional “Diamond” shaped yarns to retain the classic soft natural feel of the “Diamond” products while also introducing the resiliency and durability of “S” yarns.

  1. Extreme resiliency

While natural grass is exceptionally vulnerable to deterioration and erosion from both weather and UV effects, from pet waste to foot traffic, artificial landscape grass is an extremely robust alternative. Design Turf helps launch a new dual-fibre for heavy traffic, daycare centers, schools, commercial and institutional applications. The new Dual Fiber incorporates the technology used for extreme durability for athletic fields but adds softness for homeowners and more gentle settings.

Our product line revealed for 2021 has remarkable improvements in fibre durability and resilience. Our new fibres are all made with a Dual fibre which is a cross between a Polypropylene and Polyethylene. Under third party testing our new Dual Fibres will outlast the traditional artificial grass fibres by n0 less than 40%. Our patent pending Proflow backing offers drainage rates of 427 gallons per hour when compared to perforated backings that drain 30-50 gallons per hour.

Playing soccer on Design Turf Natural Real grass Reasons Using Artificial Grass

Playing soccer on Design Turf Natural Real grass


3. Conserve our water.

Drought and water conservation are growing concerns almost everywhere, particularly in more arid climates. Canadians tend to take their water consumption for granted being blessed with the largest of lakes however growing populations and significant environmental climate change hotter summers and drier months have seen dramatic rise in water rates in almost all major city centers. Many cities have out consumers on notice of yearly increases outpacing the rate of inflation making growing a natural lawn more expensive than ever. The newest trend in the landscape industry is xeriscaping, which requires zero water. With artificial landscape grass, you get a product that resembles a natural lawn but doesn’t need watering. Our artificial landscape grass softens the look and feel of the landscape, different than xeriscaping offerings, which tend to be stark and involve stone & rock.

  1. Save Time- No Maintenance

In addition to conserving water, artificial grass also requires much less care than natural grass. Once the artificial landscape grass is in place, there’s no need for edging, mowing, or other maintenance involved with natural grass. Forget about pulling weeds, fertilizing 4-5 times a year, aerating or dealing with insect infestations like grubs and cinch bugs, common enemies of natural grass. Homeowners looking for less intensive alternative to provide a green space supports the idea of an artificial grass lawn or golf green. The appearance of a homeowners synthetic turf selection can make a significant difference especially brands from manufacturers focus on quantity over quality , considering it’s often the first thing customers will see as they approach your business. After just 5-7 years the artificial grass will start dramatically save homeowners money when compared to a natural lawn that be a never-ending year-over-year ever increasing maintenance cost.

  1.  LEED Credits.

Artificial landscape grass & golf green’s main attribute requires zero water use and almost zero maintenance, making it the perfect candidate for sustainable building projects. More specifically, builders may earn credits toward LEED certification, the highest standard in green building and a symbol of sustainability, safety, and marketability. Incorporating the use of artificial grass, outdoor water efficiency alone can earn up to 4 LEED credits.

  1. Zero Heavy/Lead Chemicals & No pesticides.
    Greenplay Fairlawn Turf Reasons Using Artificial Grass

      100% Organic Greenplay Fairlawn Turf

Design Turf American-made artificial landscape grass, unlike natural grass, doesn’t require chemical assist, which negates groundwater contamination concerns. Parents and pet owners alike can rest assured that loved ones can romp or play without exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Also, dispensing these potently toxic fertilizers and weed control, our lakes and waterways might recover from the increasing algae bloom created by runoff into the local sewer systems. Recent photographic & satellite imagery evidence show expanding algae blooms covering portions of our great lakes and waterways, putting immense pressure on fish habitat and natural aquatic life.