April 15, 2024
April 15, 2024

Design Turf’s synthetic turf solutions offer versatile and eco-friendly alternatives


  1. The allure of Design Turf artificial grass and golf green products lies in their exceptional aesthetics, opening up new markets. The lifelike appearance and comforting texture have sparked interest from upscale hotels and bars, particularly for outdoor spaces like patios and expansive condo rooftops. With the rise of pet-friendly tenancy protocols, there’s a surge in demand for condos featuring K9-friendly green roofs.


  1. Enduring resilience sets artificial landscape grass apart. Unlike natural grass, which succumbs to weather, UV damage, pet waste, and constant foot traffic, artificial options like Design Turf offer exceptional durability. Introducing a new dual fiber specifically engineered for heavy traffic areas, schools, daycare centers, and commercial settings, Design Turf combines durability with a softer touch, appealing to both homeowners and those seeking gentler landscapes.


  1. Addressing concerns about water conservation, artificial landscape grass emerges as a frontrunner. With droughts and water scarcity on the rise, xeriscaping—requiring no water—gains popularity. Artificial grass provides a water-free alternative that mimics the appearance of a natural lawn without the starkness often associated with xeriscaping.

  1. Emphasizing the time-saving benefits, artificial grass requires minimal maintenance compared to its natural counterpart. Once installed, there’s no need for edging, mowing, or other tedious upkeep tasks. Say goodbye to weeding, frequent fertilizing, aerating, and battling insect infestations—artificial grass offers a hassle-free solution, particularly appealing to homeowners seeking low-maintenance green spaces.


  1. Contributing to sustainable building practices, artificial landscape grass earns LEED credits for its water-saving properties and minimal maintenance requirements. Builders aiming for LEED certification can capitalize on the environmental benefits of artificial grass, enhancing the sustainability and marketability of their projects.


  1. Prioritizing environmental safety, Design Turf’s American-made artificial landscape grass eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides, safeguarding groundwater and promoting healthier ecosystems. By reducing reliance on toxic fertilizers and weed control, artificial grass aids in mitigating pollution and protecting natural waterways from harmful runoff.


  1. Simplifying installation and ensuring immediate results, artificial grass offers a swift transformation of outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional seeding or sodding, which require time to establish and are susceptible to setbacks, artificial grass installation can be completed in as little as a day, delivering instant aesthetic appeal and functionality.


  1. Highlighting the long-term cost savings, artificial grass proves to be a prudent investment. By eliminating the ongoing expenses associated with natural grass maintenance—such as watering, fertilizing, and regular upkeep—homeowners can enjoy significant savings over time. With a lifespan of up to 30 years, artificial grass offers a durable and cost-effective alternative.

  1. Guaranteeing quality and origin, Design Turf exclusively offers North American-made products manufactured with premium domestic materials. With a focus on quality assurance and environmental responsibility, Design Turf ensures that customers receive pure, high-quality turf free of contaminants or fillers.


  1. Pioneering the next generation of turf technology, Design Turf continues to innovate and refine artificial grass products for diverse applications. With a commitment to sustainability, durability, and aesthetic appeal, Design Turf’s synthetic turf solutions offer versatile and eco-friendly alternatives for homeowners, commercial clients, and municipal projects alike.