10 Reasons Why You Should
Install Artificial Grass

Consider Artificial Turf For Your Next Project

Design Turf Synthetic Grass is beautiful and made to last.

If you didn’t already know, artificial turf can be used in a variety of spaces inside and out. In fact synthetic turf offers a full range of beneficial – and —sustainable applications. Our manufacturer ProGreen International has been creating beautiful and increasingly resilient turf for a wide range of users.

A growing number of businesses are discovering the benefits of artificial grass including municipal park areas for young children, dog parks keen on maximizing cleanliness, recreational facilities looking for a safe and easy-to-maintain product and high-end car dealerships looking for an appealing way to showcase their products.



It Looks Great

Remarkable esthetic advancements bring to life new markets for Design Turf artificial grass & golf green products. The realism in appearance and softness underfoot has spawned new sales for chic hotels and bars, notably outdoor patios and large condo rooftops. Becoming more popular are new condos offering green roofs suited for the K9 crowd now that pets are approved in tenancy protocols.

Extreme Resiliency

While natural grass is exceptionally vulnerable to deterioration and erosion from both weather and UV effects, from pet waste to foot traffic, artificial landscape grass is an extremely robust alternative. Design Turf is helping launch a new dual-fibre for heavy traffic, daycare centers, schools, commercial and institutional applications. The new Dual Fiber incorporates the technology used for extreme durability for athletic fields but adding an element of softness for homeowners and more gentle settings.

Conserve Our Water

Drought and water conservation are growing concerns almost everywhere, particularly in more arid climates. The newest trend in the landscape industry is xeriscaping, which requires zero water. With artificial landscape grass, you get a product that resembles a natural lawn but doesn't need watering. Our artificial landscape grass softens the look and feel of the landscape, different than xeriscaping offerings, which tend to be stark and involve stone & rock.

Save Time- No Maintenance

In addition to conserving water, artificial grass also requires much less care than natural grass. Once the artificial landscape grass is put in place, there's no need for edging, mowing, or other maintenance involved with natural grass. Forget about pulling weeds, fertilizing 4-5 times a year, aerating or dealing with insect infestations like grubs and cinch bugs common enemies of natural grass. Homeowners looking for less intensive ways of providing a green space are easy converts to the idea of an artificial grass lawn or golf green. The appearance is especially important, considering it's often the first thing customers will see as they approach your business.

LEED Credits

Artificial landscape grass & golf green's main attribute requires zero water use and almost zero maintenance, which makes it the perfect candidate for sustainable building projects. More specifically, builders may earn credits toward LEED certification, the highest standard in green building and a symbol of sustainability, safety, and marketability. Incorporating the use of artificial grass, outdoor water efficiency alone can earn up to 4 LEED credits.

Zero Heavy/Lead Chemicals & No pesticides.

Design Turf American-made artificial landscape grass, unlike natural grass, doesn't require chemical assist, which negates groundwater contamination concerns. Parents and pet owners alike can rest assured that loved ones can romp or play without exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Also dispensing of these potently toxic fertilizers and weed control, our lakes and waterways might recover from the increasing algae bloom created by runoff into the local sewer systems. Recent photographic & satellite imagery evidence show expanding algae blooms covering portions of our great lakes and waterways, putting immense pressure on fish habitat and natural aquatic life.

Installation is easy, and the results are immediate

When you seed grass or plant sod, it can take months to get the desired effect—and even then, the grass is vulnerable to setbacks. An artificial grass installation can take as little as a day depending on size, and the process resembles that of building a patio. First, professional installers remove just the organic material; a stone base is raked even to ensure quick drainage. Finally, a roll of artificial grass is rolled out just like a giant carpet cutting around trees and garden shapes fastening the entire perimeter to ensure a clean, even, and natural appearance.

Saving money over time

"If you're paying someone to mow, water, and maintain your grass every week, that's a big investment," Keays says. "By installing artificial grass, you're creating an area that no longer requires expensive maintenance." In turn, that saves money by eliminating the need for water, four times a year fertilizers and weed control, grass seeds, repairs, aerating, gas, topsoil and the related personnel. Plus, because artificial grass turf is so resilient, you can expect a 30-year lifespan much more than natural grass. Typical payback for switching from a high to never-ending maintenance natural lawn to an artificial landscape grass is 5-7 years.

You're guaranteed North American-made goods.

ProGreen International manufactures all of its fibres in Georgia US, and only use the highest–quality domestic resins from Alberta Canada free of heavy metals—an essential point of difference between ProGreen and many international competitors. "When you get turf from overseas, you don't know what you're getting—it could have fillers, or it could have contaminants," Keays says. "ProGreen International guarantees quality and makes sure what you're getting is pure."

It's the next generation of turf.

Remarkable advances have been introduced in the last 30 years when it comes to artificial turf. "Many people are familiar with artificial turf from the indoor-outdoor carpet, the fake-looking stuff," Keays says. "But this is new generation stuff." The turf of today—and the future—is making artificial grass a real attractive alternative for all homeowners, condominiums, commercial and institutional clients alike. When planning your next project, look to an excellent artificial turf product to solve landscaping issues, from maintenance and sustainability concerns over long-term resiliency. It looks great, and it's increasingly natural, too—outdoor spaces, a no-fuss and highly polished appearance. In a busy world, one where time always seems limited, choosing synthetic turf means you'll have one less thing that needs constant tend.

Why Design Turf Products?

Peace of Mind

Often manufacturer's warranties are offered by unknown entities operating in faraway continents, making customers making significant home improvements all too uncomfortable. If you are thinking of converting to an artificial grass lawn, you'll know the upfront cost is not inexpensive. Offering the Best Warranties in the industry backed by a reputable and stable company operating since 1998, ProGreen is the oldest single-owned artificial turf company in the industry and proudly stands behind all of its products. Remember that not all synthetic turf warranties are the same, and those warranties should not have the same consideration. Going one-step further Design Turf customers receive a Third Party Insurance Certificate if, for some reason, it wasn't able to fulfill its obligations, an insurance company will honour the manufacturer's warranty.


We are continually developing and improving our synthetic turf systems and build all of our artificial grass products to our specifications based on years of research, development and experience. ProGreen utilizes the most advanced yarn extrusion and tufting machines in the world and pairs them with the highest-quality components that are put together with meticulous precision. The process provides the most reliable, high-performance, longest-lasting turf available on the market.

Innovations Matter

If you didn't already know, artificial grass could be applied to a variety of spaces inside and out. Fake grass lawns offer a full range of beneficial – and —sustainable applications. Our manufacturer ProGreen International has been creating beautiful and increasingly resilient turf for a wide range of users. A growing segment of industries is discovering the benefits of artificial grass, including municipal park areas for young children, dog parks keen on maximizing cleanliness, recreational facilities looking for a safe and easy-to-maintain product and high-end car dealerships looking for an appealing way to showcase their products. Our new dual fibre is 40% more durable than all artificial landscape grass fibres in its class. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your turf will outlast others by as much as 40% or longer. Specifications are found on our landscape grass page for those that wonder about such things. Landscape architects and designers, CAD drawings and product specifications for all of our products are found and available here.