10 Reasons To Consider Design Turf Artificial Grass in Toronto
April 14, 2024
6 ways to improve the backyard ideas
April 15, 2024
10 Reasons To Consider Design Turf Artificial Grass in Toronto
April 14, 2024
6 ways to improve the backyard ideas
April 15, 2024

Transform Your Yard: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Grass by Design Turf


Design Turf is a leading provider of synthetic turf and artificial grass. Through rigorous research and testing, Design Turf offers top-tier artificial grass that stands out for its quality and durability, ideal for residential lawns, pet zones, golf greens, commercial areas, and sports fields. Our extensive range of artificial turf products is matched by our installation services. Design Turf can transform your artificial grass project into a low-maintenance, eco-friendly haven. Our superior installation technique ensures your project looks great and lasts for years, allowing you to enjoy more free time and savings. An artificial lawn means your weekends are no longer consumed by lawn upkeep.

Man's best friend can make backyard maintenance a real challenge. However, with Design Turf's artificial dog grass, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of muddy paw prints inside your home. This synthetic grass not only keeps home lawns clean but also enhances dog parks, kennels, and commercial canine areas. Plus, Design Turf's artificial grass is a hit with children as well.

Artificial grass is frequently suggested for its ability to conserve water, which can lead to financial savings and reduced time spent on watering or maintaining irrigation systems. If you dislike the chore of watering the lawn on weekends, artificial turf might be a perfect substitute. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that approximately one-third of all residential water use is allocated to landscaping and irrigation.

Design Turf provides top-quality artificial putting green turf for both residential backyards and commercial golf applications, ensuring the best ball roll. This allows for the finest custom synthetic greens to perfect your short and long game.

Comparable to real grass, it ensures a beautifully lush lawn throughout the year, unaffected by weather conditions indoors, outdoors, on rooftops, or at driving ranges and golf courses. Modern synthetic turf is UV-protected to prevent colour fading for years. Since artificial grass doesn't need water or sunlight, it's ideal for areas where lawn growth is challenging, like indoors or under opaque coverings.


Artificial grass demands less maintenance and can last 30-40 years without interruption, unlike real grass, which needs constant care. Additionally, it's resistant to pests like insects, gophers, and moles that often damage natural lawns.


Backyard Dangers for Pets

Securing the gate and maintaining fences doesn't fully ensure your pets' safety in the yard due to potential hidden threats within your property. Here are some unnoticed dangers to dogs that Design Turf's synthetic grass can eliminate compared to natural lawns:

  • Pesticides

Natural lawns need pesticides for health, but these can leave harmful residues and odours long after application. Dogs rolling on the grass may pick up these particles, leading to various issues like nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, eye irritation, and breathing difficulties. In contrast, pet-friendly artificial grass eliminates the need for chemical pest control. It doesn't attract pests since it doesn't give the same food or shelter as its natural equivalents.

Ticks and fleas, those pesky creatures, lurk in dense grass and leap onto unsuspecting dogs. Their presence can lead to anemia, tapeworm infections, hot patches, scabs, and relentless itching. Ticks can also transmit serious diseases such as Spotted fever, Anaplasmosis, tick paralysis, and Lyme disease.


But fear not! Artificial grass comes to the rescue. Here’s how:


Short Grass, No Hiding:

Artificial grass stays short, leaving no hiding spots for ticks and fleas.

Your furry friends can roam freely without encountering these unwelcome guests.

Effective Drainage System:

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for health risks, including leptospirosis.

Artificial grass, equipped with an efficient drainage system, eliminates puddles and prevents mosquito breeding.

Say goodbye to heartworm worries!

Pet Paradise:

Dogs adore artificial grass. It’s paw-friendly, realistic, and incredibly durable.

Spend less time maintaining your lawn and more quality moments with your furry companions.

Year-Round Vibrancy:

Artificial grass keeps your garden inviting all year round.

With minimal upkeep, you’ll have a lush, green oasis for your family and pets.

So, turn your yard into a pet paradise with artificial grass – a resilient, low-maintenance solution for busy homes.