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An artificial lawn Is not only a life-style Investment, but a representation of how well you care for your family's environment. You want the best for both. You want a product that Incorporates the best of what's available.


The Fairlawn Serles ls specifically designed to bring the look and feel of artificial lawn to a higher level. Its all about the grass-like experience of natural beauty, safety/comfort and environmental compatibility.



DesignTurf’s PlayGround Extreme

is durable, low maintenance and looks great in all playground and recreational applications. As one of the safest surfacing materials for kids. PlayGround Extreme is lead free and meets all fall height safety requirements of the ASTM. In addition, it increase outdoor play time by eliminating puddles and mud.

Playground Grass FAQs (for Synthetic Grass In Toronto)

What is the life expectancy of artificial grass in a playground setting?
The grass will last anywhere from 8 to 20 years, depending on how much use it gets.
Will the artificial grass fade in the sun?
Yes, but barely. Minimal fading of about 2 shades of pantone™ colors per 10 years. Special UV additives are mixed into our yarn resins greatly reducing colour fade..
Is it difficult to repair or replace areas of the artificial grass?
No, it's easy to patch, this is something you can do yourself. In case you do need to repair the playground grass be sure to save any any leftover scraps of grass after installation.

Fall-Height Standards

Our playground grass accommodates a variety of infills to meet different ATSM fall-height standards.

Benefits Of Playground Grass

Artificial turf is the perfect solution for daycares and playgrounds. Stop trying to grow and maintain grass only to be left with patches of dirt and mud and messy kids. Replace your sod with artificial turf and keep the kids cleaner, the parents happier, and be done with the mess once and for all!

Shaded Umbrellas

Protect your children from harmful UV rays with Design Turf Shade Umbrellas

It is understandable that recognition and worry are foremost on the minds of all parents concerning heat alerts becoming the norm and increasing every year. Finding effective ways to shade play areas is a growing problem and as such Design Turf has added their new single pole Shade Umbrellas to their daycare offerings.

Design Turf now offers umbrellas that span 10 to 18 feet which are UV Treated providing long lasting solutions that will advantage any Daycare offering safer playgrounds. The umbrellas are available in a multiple of colours and are easy to install, providing instant cooling areas for the kids to take cover.

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