Yes, Fido can go to the bathroom on artificial grass. Most Artificial grass is ideal for pets however our K9 Champion DF  tops the charts in allowing for total urine drainage through the product’s backing. Most artificial turf drains 30-40 gallons per hour through the perforations juxtapose to our K9 Champion DF draining a remarkable 437 gallons per hour. In regards to urine and waste, our synthetic grass system is not much different from natural grass. With our ProFlow technology, urine washes straight through the artificial turf into the drainage blanket or the specially formulated crushed rock sub-base.

This drainage system is vital for your artificial grass to be pet friendly. Without a good draining base or turf that is not fully permeable, pet owners will have a myriad of pungent odour problems. Solid pet waste can is removed using the poop & scoop method; only it tends to be less messy with the artificial grass.

The combination of our patent-pending ProFlow drainage and implementation of the additive of our Antibacterial Envirofill (infill) makes our system the safest turf system for concerned pet owners.

Our K9 Champion DF innovations include new (Dual Fibres) make for the most robust fibre for Fido roughhousing outperforming traditional polyethylene fibres by some 40%.

How Do You Clean Artificial Grass?

Typical rainfall is usually sufficient to clean our K9 Champion DF artificial grass, but with months with little or no rain, you can either spray your turf with a hose or even powerwash for extra cleaning.

How do you get rid of pet odours on artificial grass?

With our patent-pending ProFlow technology, you won’t have to worry about urine pooling on your artificial grass, which is the primary cause of the odour. This is because the entire backing of our pet turf is able to drain, unlike traditional turf, where urine has to find the perforations in the backing. Typically, the rain will be enough to wash away the odour of urine from the turf. Another cause of odour happens because of sand infill, which absorbs all types of liquid. The solution to this is to use our Envirofill/Microban infill, which reduces pet urine odours from artificial grass because it is antimicrobial and limits the amount of moisture absorbed.

We know that you may have many more questions about artificial grass regarding your pets, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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